Monday, May 12, 2014


I have just stumbled across the trailer for the movie "Maleficent" with the oh so wonderful Angelina Jolie, and I just HAD to share how excited I am. :)
Now, first things first: the movie comes out on May 28th, I'm not sure about the variations from one country to another, but I sure am hoping that's the case for most of them. The second thing is that I absolutely must share that I love how we're getting back into that Brother's Grimm era where fairy tales were more of the gory sort and had incredible background stories. I am so so so happy that people have decided to recreate my favorite fairy tale and keep it as dark and intriguing as I remember it to be. Because honestly, that's why I loved sleeping beauty. If any of you are from the 90es era, you had a VHS whose image was slightly grey and seemed dusty, if that makes sense. And I absolutely LOVED it.

I've always respected fairy tale villains who are intriguing more so than evil, and Maleficent is definitely up there in my list.

Soooo, fingers crossed that I get to see it on opening night and that it lives up to my expectations, because the trailer definitely has! :) Oh, and obs.: pleeeeease let me know what you guys think of the movie if you go see it? I had a disappointing  with "Mirror Mirror" or something like that... the one where the mirror melts and it's a remake of Snow White, but not the one with Kristen Stewart. I dunno. I loved the mirror effect but I wish it was gorier. :)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tatto Ideas

1001 William Shakespeare

Although I have not read all of his masterpieces, I have to say that my fascination for William Shakespeare grows from his precise use of words. How small phrases transmit so much feeling is truly a wonder to me.

1001 William Shakespeare

Tattoo Ideas

I've longed for a tattoo for a long time, but I think I finally nailed my choices down to a cool pumpkin and an Eiffel tower. I found some very cool designs online, and these were the ones that stood out.

Making Things Thought. - William Shakespeare

I know this one isn't one of the above mentioned options, but I honestly love the idea of a tattoo that people can see from upclose but that is still discreet enough to wear on "classier" occasions. Being a dancer, i have truly considered something like this.

This one represents my love for halloween in a sweet way. It's snoopy, a pumpkin and a little ghost. I have to say, I'm going to end up doing more than one tattoo because I can't decide between these hehe.

Structural Beauty

Eiffel Tower Drawing

                                                                       Today's Eiffel Tower

 Not by me. But I look forward to reproducing it for my portfolio.